The Unwelcome Companion–A Street Scene in Cairo 1873

John_William_Waterhouse-_The_Unwelcome_Companion_-_a_Street_Scene_in_CairoTitle:    The Unwelcome Companion A Street Scene in Cairo (1873
Painted by:    John William Waterhouse
Dimensions:    19.29 inch wide x 23.23 inch high
Orientation:    Portrait

The Unwelcome Companion A street scene in Cairo is a painting by John William Waterhouse. It was completed in 1873, and the Society of British Artists exhibited it in their gallery. The painting was later donated to the Towneley Art Gallery by P. Oldman. Originally, the painting was misidentified as Spanish Tambourine Girl, but it was correctly identified by the art historian and critic Anthony Hobson. Hobson believes that Waterhouse's painting never acquired the right combination of environment and talent, and therefore it was misidentified at the time.