Oil Painting Reproductions of Waterhouse’s artworks

Many visitors asked us if we still offering hand-painted oil painting reproductions of John william waterhouse's artworks. Unfortunately, we are not offering this service anymore. I understand that there are quite a lot of art reproduction company out there, but it is really hard to source a reliable gallery online supplying quality art with reasonable price. According to my years of business in oil paintings, the price difference can be hundreds of dollars. In order to make our old customers save money, i am now giving away my painting supplier's list.

In the beginning of my business, i tried lots of art companies, studios, and galleries worldwide. After many bad experience, i finally stick to only two companies from China.

The fist of my supplier is Art in Bulk, which is currently the leading wholesaler in cheap oil paintings. I am very happy with their price, i got top quality waterhouse reproduction usually at $60. Their customer service is outstanding as well. I have to thank Celia, the sales of Art in Bulk, who took care of all my orders.

My second supplier is Cheap Wall Arts, a modern canvas art company. I bought all my modern paintings from them. Their designs are really fantastic. Not only just single canvas artwork, but also paintings in multi panels. They offer art reproductions too, but the price is a bit expensive than Art in Bulk.

Below is some artworks done by them. See for your self.

cp-010 P-09 p-16