Tristan and Isolde 1916

Date: 1916
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 42 x 32 in
Location: Private Collection

Waterhouse painted the story of Tristan and Isolde in 1916. The tale is adapted from Arthurian times and focuses on two lovers doomed to be separated forever. Their draped clothes are in maroon and burgundy, and Isolde's dress is green. The plum shades on Tristan's armour hint at the longing and love that lies beneath.

The play is famous for the love potion that Isolde drank when she was betrothed to Tristan. After drinking the love potion, the two were bound by love forever. This replica by Waterhouse perfectly captures the depth of color, the subtle brushstrokes, and the texture of the original painting. It is mounted in an elegant European style frame crafted of high quality designer resin with an acanthus border that draws the viewer's eyes toward the painting.

Waterhouse's painting was painted while he was gravely ill. The work continues the theme of an enchantress and a warrior. As the story unfolds, Tristan returns to Ireland to bring Iseult to her wedding. But he falls in love with Iseult and thus enters a love triangle with the enchantress. Although it is a retelling of the famous Shakespearean play, it is still worth a look just to appreciate the original.

The story behind the painting is a timeless classic. It tells the tale of Isolde's enchantment with Tristan. After drinking the love potion, Isolde broke her marriage and was forever bound to Tristan. The artist's reproduction of the original work successfully captures the subtle brushstrokes and texture of the original. The painting is mounted on a beautiful European style frame cast in quality designer resin. Acanthus motifs adorn the border, drawing the viewer's eyes to the image.