The Missal 1902

Date: 1902
Medium: Oil on canvas

The Missal is a painting by John William Waterhouse that features an open window in a room. Waterhouse often featured small windows around the room and these have a symbolic value. Waterhouse often included a fruit tree or garden outside the window. It is a beautiful, serene setting. Waterhouse even incorporated a little stained glass detail to the window. However, the scene outside the window is dark, which contradicts the theme of the painting.

Waterhouse's work is often associated with the Pre-Raphaelites. Like many Pre-Raphaelites, Waterhouse enjoyed classical history and mythology. He joined the Royal Academy in 1885 and became a full academician in 1895. His work appealed to the masses but his academic and technical ability garnered him respect among his peers. Waterhouse's paintings are also an excellent option for people who want a return to the past.

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