Spring Spreads One Green Lap of Flowers 1910

Date: 1910
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 41.7 x 30.3 in

“Spring Spreads One Green Lap of Flowers” is a masterpiece by John William Waterhouse. The title refers to the content of the painting, and the green color represents the season of Spring. In the UK, many flowers bloom in the spring. In similar climates, the arrival of spring signifies the end of the winter season and the return to life. The artist was inspired by this beautiful season, which was also the source of inspiration for many of his contemporaries. Alphonse Mucha was known to use the subject of spring as his inspiration for his Seasons series.

The subject of the painting is a female figure on all fours in an open garden or forest. She is collecting flowers and placing them into a basket. The woman wears delicate clothing and possesses a slender frame, which contrasts with the delicate appearance of her skin. The background is a typical English landscape. The women appear to be posing in a traditional way.

The woman is on her hands and knees in an open forest or garden collecting wild flowers and placing them in a basket. She is wearing delicate clothing and a thin frame. The scene is filled with lush, shady vegetation. She is surrounded by a garden and is seated on a rock. The artist's composition and colour palette are both abstract, and the composition is more sculptural than realistic.

Although this painting depicts an idyllic scene, its underlying narrative does not tell a story. Instead, Waterhouse's painting has become an independent image. The narrative and mood of the painting have dissolved into the background, and the image is free of any story-telling intent. The composition and colours are as abstract as possible, and the painting has become a self-contained piece.