Beatrice Circa 1915

Beatrice_waDate: circa 1915
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 19.3 x 24.4 in

“Dante and Beatrice,” by John William Waterhouse, dates from circa 1915. The painting depicts Dante kneeling down on his knees and kissing Beatrice in the river Lethe. The picture is set in a garden, and the two of them are smiling and laughing, as the sun sets. The artist's life was largely unknown to the public, but her paintings of the period are now preserved in the archives of American Art.

In addition to Dante and Beatrice, Waterhouse's paintings of the time are influenced by myth, poetry, and legend. She specialized in blending French and English styles to create beautiful and dramatic paintings. Her most popular paintings are depictions of spiritualized love. The artist's oeuvre includes a wide range of subjects. Some of her most famous pieces are “Dante and Beatrice,” and her most famous works include “The Three Graces” and “The Birth of Jesus Christ.”

This romantic masterpiece depicts the love affair of Dante and Beatrice. The dramatic setting and rich colors of the 1915 painting make this a classic Victorian work. Waterhouse's work was heavily influenced by myth, poetry, and legend, and she is renowned for combining English and French techniques in her art. She is also known for incorporating French and English styles into her paintings. Beatrice Bowman, who appeared in Waterhouse's Dante and Beatrice, was a successful painter in her lifetime.